Simplify a complex environment

Modern schools and universities are inherently complex environments, with thousands of internal processes relying on a broad range of information systems. Identity1 provides a simple and intuitive way to model these relationships, automating the provision of services to your users

Implement quickly and easily

With its modern, user-friendly web interface, and requiring absolutely no scripting or coding skills, Identity1 can be implemented quickly and reliably. With out-of-the-box connectors for popular systems, your services can be integrated into a cohesive platform with ease

Increase Security

With a comprehensive policy management system and a flexible exception model, Identity1 provides assurance that all your users have appropriate access throughout their journey from onboarding to archiving

Deliver efficiency

Freeing your technical and support staff from the time-consuming burden of managing user profiles, security groups and email lists, Identity1 provides guaranteed return on investment in under a year, while also providing your customers with greater levels of service

No scripting required

In contrast to most Identity Management systems, no scripting or coding is required to implement Identity1 within your organisation. Our modular 'connectors' approach ensures the interfaces between your systems and ours are efficient and reliable, and if we don't have a connector for a system in your environment, we'll build one - usually free!

Ease of Use

With a streamlined policy management interface, and our unique and somewhat magical group membership matrix system, the single modern web interface that is the sole portal to Identity1 makes the task of identity management within your organisation simple and fast.

Exception Management

Rather than ignore the fact that all IT departments are asked to make exceptions to the rule once in a while for a user who needs temporary access to a secure system, needs access to their email while on maternity leave, or needs access to an online system before they've even signed a contract, we embrace this! What was normally a security risk becomes an easy and traceable operation

Rapid Implementation

Due in large part to our 'connectors' architecture and flexible policy engine, Identity1 boasts a very short implementation time relative to your requirements. Our school-specific staged rollout approach provides you with huge efficiency gains up front by automating student and parent accounts in record time, and we then focus on developing the more complex policies and processes involved with staff accounts in the second phase

Extensible Architecture

Identity1 is designed to allow you to easily expand the scope of your Identity Management operations as your internal processes mature. Our 'connectors' approach means you can integrate virtually any system - even in-house or bespoke applications - with your identity workflow.

Notifications and Reporting

With a powerful reporting engine embedded within the platform, Identity1 has the capability to automate your induction documents, password notifications and 'welcome' packs, for both students and staff. In addition, these can be split into year/house/department bundles and sent to the appropriate staff member for distribution - all automatically.

Who we are

Identity1 is developed by Merrick Consulting Pty Ltd

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